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The Blanky

A nice person hand crocheted a huge blanket for us. 🙂 

Fan Fiction by Lady L

Gator fish
There is a legend that tells of Gator fish.  A horrible monster that prowls the freshwater in Northern Ontario.

Gator fish was first discovered in the Moose river in northern Ontario in 2016. It is said that Gator fish drags people to their doom by their shoelaces.  The only warning the poor unsuspecting victim has is hearing a plop in the water beside them just prior to the vicious attack. Victims of Gator fish, of which there has been only one and he survived intact, are predominantly under 6 feet tall and have been standing in close proximity to the waters edge.

Global warming is the likely cause of Gator fish migrating to the Moose river, due to increased temperatures and the expansion of the survivable range for Gator fish.  It is thought to be an ancient mutation which survived the dinosaur extinction event or the unholy combination of gators and fish due to nuclear testing fallout, and is probably from the warmer climates in the southern states of the USA.

Only young Gator fish, 16 inches to 2 feet long, have been spotted in the wild (they look surprisingly like Sturgeon). It is thought that Gator fish can grow up to 14 feet in length however this is not proven and is wild speculation, kind of like the speculation that has went into the legend of Gator fish itself.  No known photograph of the gator fish exists.  Indeed no one else has ever heard the legend, until now…

The local people speak of Gator fish in hushed tones after being informed of the ancient legend regarding the monstrosity only recently. All fear and love Gator fish in a paradoxical relationship between monster and human… 😋

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