What’s up that way?

I suppose it all comes down to making the decision between beers and bears…

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Stop the abuse of dinosaurs now!

This cage is not big enough for a Triceratops, and needs to stop.

If you are against housing adorable dinosaurs in cages that are too small for them, please send donations to DeBoyz who will disapprove of this behaviour with you.

Note: Donations will have absolutely no effect on DeBoyz and will be used for the purchasing of pizza… 😉

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No no no noooo!

Seriously, it is far too early for Christmas stuff, but HBC (The Bay) have the below on sale already (6 Oct).

We need to protest the early Christmas decor and sales, it’s getting ridiculous…

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KFC and Raccoons

Had KFC, enjoyed it. So did the raccoons. Look top right, in the guttering…

Little blighters got into the recycling bin.

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That is all.

Yes it’s random and odd.  But then DeBoyz are eccentric after all.

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Did someone say pancakes?

Blueberry pancakes, breakfast in Dallas, Texas.

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There are Turtles at Tiffany’s in Dallas

Seriously, the fountain has turtles / tortoises, and seagulls, inside!

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Horseshoes in Texas

Horseshoes in the sidewalk outside the Saltgrass Steakhouse, Dallas.

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Animal Style

In and Out Burger Secret Menu – Flying Dutchman (in a bun – that’s how I roll), Animal Style Fries

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Mariachi Bears

And here we go back to Texas, singing, drinking and fighting…

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