The Spoon of the Table

DeBoyz recently went to a 5🌟 restaurant and enjoyed a truly excellent meal.  Golden beats puree soup, with smoked bacon and cress, followed by a beautiful 1855 striploin steak.  Gorgeous.

But… Even in the best of restaurants I see just OK cutlery.  Take the soup.  It came with a dessert spoon.  Adequate and works as a spoon to get soup from bowl to gub, but where is the finesse?  Hence, I asked for a soup spoon (restauranteurs, pay attention, get decent cutlery and have the right hardware, it really adds to the table setting).  Oooops.  I was pleasantly and politely told that the only spoon they had, was “the spoon of the table”, or ” table spoon”. 

Well just to be clear, nope it was not a tablespoon either, but I suppose it was a spoon on the table!  And I didn’t get a soup spoon.  The soup was excellent though.  😀


The Spoon of the Table

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