Thoughts on hotel coffee makers

For the most part, in room hotel coffee makers are crap.  Now I hasten to add that’s not always the fault of the machine but mostly the fault of the crappy coffee used.

Some places have tried using the coffee pod machines, but I personally don’t like the taste of burnt plastic.  Likewise some places have tried adding cheap premium branded coffee but that’s just a disaster in its own right.  Low quality premium branding is killing coffee, in both chain coffee shops and hotels.

So let’s say this.  Bring back NORMAL coffee percolators, even small ones, with permanent filters, in hotels.

When I travel by car, I usually bring a coffee maker with me.  The difference this makes in the morning is tremendous.

Oh and in case you haven’t worked it out, teddy bears get grouchy if they don’t get good coffee in the mornings…

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