Watch out for Dragons

As recounted in the books of Skellus (What do you mean you haven’t heard of the books of Skellus, go watch the Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan movies again, and this time pay attention!), although they are very old and wise, DeBoyz started their current incarnations in 1994.  This means they consider themselves born in 1994…

Recently DeBoyz read their Chinese Zodiac on a placemat in a new Chinese Restaurant (well they weren’t going to pay for it now were they) and were surprised at just how accurate it was!

1994 was the year of the dog, and while DeBoyz make it very clear they are not dogs, and not related to dogs, they were none the less impressed with how accurate it was…

Loyal and honest, check!  Work well, check!  With others, maybe not so much but whatever.

Generous yet stubborn and often selfish, absolutely check!  Look to the Horse or the Tiger, it would have been perfect if it was Killer Whale 🐋 and Tiger 🐅 but close enough.

And then they read the last line…

Watch out for Dragons.  Wait, hang on a sec.  DeBoyz has been screamin’ about Dragons for years, they even have a pet one.  Watch out for Dragons.  You heard it here first.

Now are DeBoyz supposed to be afraid of Dragons or to keep an eye out to see them?  Some furry thinking is required…

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