The biggest Tin Foil hat story of them all…

Dallas, Texas in 1963.  JFK is shot (assassinated or murdered you choose) in Dealey Plaza.  The footage of the motorcade and what happened is very famous, so I decided to go and see it while I was in the area.

The Book Depository building is very well preserved and is now a museum.  The Grassy Knoll is clearly visible and so is the location where Abraham Zapruder stood while filming his famous movie.  The local historians have marked X in a couple of places on the road to show where the car was when JFK was shot (the two main shots).

The Grassy Knoll – Click to view full size

According to the historian (I say historian loosely, but that’s what he called himself and he did know his stuff and gave me a tour and a DVD for $10) over 3 Million people per year visit Dealey Park.  For such a popular memorial it’s very undeveloped, and is nice because of it.

Across to the other side of the plaza, the direction no one sees, are some lovely federal buildings.

Dealey Plaza – Park and Federal Buildings – Click to view full size

The Book Depository is now a well preserved museum.

Book Depository and X on road – Click to view full size

The plaque on the Book Depository and notably even the plaque says “allegedly”.

Book Depository – Plaque – Click to view full size

The road slopes downward more than you might think from the movies and the angles are very steep from the Book Depository.  The angles in fact are so steep that’s it’s fairly obvious there is no way things happened as described in the official story.

The Grassy Knoll can be seen in the below photo, it’s the area to the left of the stairs, and leads up to a fence.  This is where some of the shooters actually stood, if you go with the conspiracy theory.  The white stone structure to the right of the stairs is where Zapruder stood.

Dealey Plaza – Panorama – Click to view full size

The view down the hill from at the top, with the Depository out of view to the right.  The silver car in the photo is at roughly the point where JFK was killed.

View from beside Book Depository – Click to view full size

My opinion: There is no way Oswald made the shots that he is supposed to have. He may have fired a shot or shots but he didn’t hit Kennedy with the main shots that killed him, the angle is all wrong.  Go see it for yourself…

Oh and if you look VERY closely at the window in the book depository that Oswald used (extreme right, second from the top, click on the image to get a bigger version) you might see some familiar faces in the open window…

This one you need to see in full size. Who is that in the window?

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