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Little green vodkas?

Is it cool to drink (with) little green aliens?  Maybe if you are wearing your tin foil hat!

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Aliens are real …

… according to the graffiti I saw on the door of a sprinter train in the Netherlands.

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An ancient enemy returns…

Here we are, minding our own business, shopping in the British Grocer and totally unexpectedly an ancient enemy is beside the sausage rolls, ready to defend them and the meat pies against the onslaught of DeBoyz.  There were no casualties

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More Toynbee tiles

As seen in NYC by RamblingSSS. Read more on the Tin Foil Hats page.

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The biggest Tin Foil hat story of them all…

Dallas, Texas in 1963.  JFK is shot (assassinated or murdered you choose) in Dealey Plaza.  The footage of the motorcade and what happened is very famous, so I decided to go and see it while I was in the area.

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